Why would I need Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy

Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy Nurses with Dr. Ross, gastroenterologist

An endoscopy is a specialized procedure that allows direct visualization of the GI tract, giving the physician the ability to accurately diagnosis your GI problems. Specialized procedures, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy (Colonoscopy, Upper Endoscopy and Sigmoidoscopy), are performed at our center. Most patients find this more convenient and prefer the individual care received at our center, rather than going to a hospital.

JCE offers ample, easy access parking, with both building and parking lot wheelchair accessible. Registered nurses trained specifically in endoscopy and in Advanced Cardiac Life Support staff our facility. Your physician’s nurse can make an appointment for your endoscopy at our center, conveniently located on Barrs Street, 2 blocks from St. Vincent’s Hospital. The decision to have an endoscopy performed at our center is based on a patient’s medical history, insurance requirements and of course, personal preference. Only Borland Groover physicians perform endoscopies at our center.

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