What should I expect at JCE?

At Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy you can expect excellent care.
First and foremost you can expect to receive professional, courteous and compassionate treatment at JCE. Our primary concern is for your continuing good health. We will ask you to tell us about any and all medications you are currently taking and any drug allergies you may have, or a medical condition that requires antibiotics to be administered prior to your endoscopy. It is important that you share this vital information with us. We will also ask that you sign an Informed Consent Form to indicate you have been made aware of the risks and possible complications of the endoscopy, as well as alternatives to the endoscopy. Please be aware that this is a routine requirement of all medical procedures.

You will be administered twilight sedation through an IV during your endoscopy. After the endoscopy, you will rest comfortably while the sedation subsides. You will then be given further instructions and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. The next morning we will call you to see how you are doing, and to again, answer any additional questions. We are also concerned about your safety. You must have a responsible adult accompany you to the center and to drive you home afterward. You should wear comfortable clothing to the center on the day of your endoscopy so it will be easy for you to change into a gown. Sometimes it is necessary to take a biopsy or remove a polyp found during the course of the endoscopy. In those instances, the specimens are sent to a lab for pathological analysis, and you will receive those results during your follow up office visit with your physician.

View the real life stories from our patients below. Medical information provided during a screening colonoscopy or endoscopy is an important part of diagnosis, treatment, care of patients.

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