Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

For your convenience, our most common patients questions are answered here. If you have additional questions please contact us – we are here for you.

Q. How many Physicians does Jacksonville Center For Endoscopy have on staff?

Our team of Physicians and Anesthesiologists consists of over 65 physicians that own Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy.

Q. How long does a procedure take?

Depending on the type of procedure performed, it generally ranges from one to two hours.

Q. Does JCE accept credit cards or offer financing?

Yes. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover are accepted. In addition, there is a medical financing program that is available for selected procedures.

Q. When do I pay for a procedure?

Patients whose procedures are not covered by insurance are asked to make payment before procedure date unless other arrangements are made. Patients with verified insurance are asked to pay their portion on or before the day of the procedure. This may include a co-pay or co-insurance.

Q. Can I go home on my own?

No. On discharge post-surgically you MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult. Public transportation is NOT an option.

Q. Can I eat, drink or smoke before the procedure?

No. If you are having a colonoscopy please follow the instructions given by your physician. Many procedures at Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy require that you refrain from eating past midnight; clear liquids may be taken up to 3 hours before the procedure. In terms of smoking, you should not smoke the day of a procedure. Please refrain from smoking as long as you can prior to the date of procedure. Colonoscopy preparation will be given to you before your procedure.

Q. What are some of the similarities between hospitals and surgery centers?

As with hospitals, surgery centers are monitored and regulated by officials in the State of Florida to ensure patient care quality and safety. Procedures take place in a sterile operating room suite with modern equipment. Patients are cared for by doctors and nurses, all of whom trained and experienced, and several of the staff also work at hospitals. Similar to hospitals, surgery centers have comfortable and modern recovery areas where patients have the opportunity to recover before they go home.

Q. What are some of the differences between hospitals and surgery centers?


Four of the more common differences are discussed below:


Hospitals are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and respond to emergencies in the community. This often requires unscheduled operations and procedures which, in turn, delay scheduled procedures and operations. Surgery centers do not provide emergency care and all of the services provided are scheduled ahead of time.

Lower costs.

  Because surgery centers do not have to provide staffing overnight or on weekends like hospitals, the costs at your surgery center can be lower. At Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy all patients who are cared for have insurance or other payment methods. This will eliminate the need to have insurers pay higher prices to subsidize the patient care costs for persons who cannot afford the medical care they need.

Focus on Specialized Procedures.  

Endoscopy is a specialized procedure, the care you receive at the Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy will be in addition to any treatment provided by the Borland-Groover physicians. You or your medical insurance will be billed separately for services received at JCE, just as you would in an outpatient hospital facility. People do not come here for cardiac care, for instance. Patients who require overnight monitoring cannot be treated onsite at a surgery center. By focusing on fewer procedures, and performing them every day, surgery centers can be efficient and with care given by GI specialists.


  In addition to safety, Surgery Centers are generally designed for access and efficiency.
Remember, if you are having a problem or a concern, please call Borland Groover and ask for your physician’s nurse. She will be more familiar with you and your medical needs. If you have a critical emergency, quickly get to an emergency room nearest you. Alert the emergency room personnel to notify Borland Groover of your emergency.

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